ETRO 50, Generation Paisley

50 pieces, representative of the immense output of Etro Archives, have been selected for the exhibition, not for chronological reasons, but because they conduct a sort of dialogue with each other.
They are displayed in a backbone that traverses the five rooms housing the exhibition. This is the story of the creative journey undertaken by the brand, whose defining features is the invention of its own recognizable original Language and authorial logic.
Looking upwards, each room has its own sky, giving a sense of openness, of unlimited potential for travel, indeed the voyage is always ongoing.
The visitors are constantly immersed in an enviroment upholstered with Paisley-motif fabrics.

Design and production
by Silvestrin & Associati

by Giuseppe Silvestrin

Art direction
by Stoppini Org

Fashion consultant
Judith Clark

Location: Milan, MUDEC